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Joshua Reid-Davis

Behind The Smile & Broken ? 

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

The First Of Many...

Posted by Joshua Reid-Davis on June 20, 2017 at 10:35 PM

Ah the first of many....

I plan on writing random blogs on things that may or may not interest you... Hopefully it will and it will make you want to come back and visit the site more. This isn't just a site to promote my Audio Book but it does feel good to finally have it published and OUT THERE for the world to hear if they so choose.

It's out there now and there's no turning back the book is out on many media outlets and in all honesty I am HAPPY! It was very hard reliving some of the topics that I discussed but then again it was fun remembering so many fond memories that I cherish and carry in my heart forever. I'm no stranger to the public I talk on stage for a living and in all honesty I LOVE IT! Each time that I walk on stage I know in my heart that I am exactly supposed to be and it feels good.

Hosting conventions is truly a wonderful experience and I want to thank Kenny and Autumn for taking a chance on me. It could have gone one or two ways, I could have gone our there and really made a mess or I could have gone out there and gave it all my heart; and that's exactly what I did... And I have been doing so ever since my first show. That's another one of the reasons that I wanted to do this Audio Book because people always ask, "How do you have all this energy?" or they'll say, "I don't see how you can be on stage all day and night for three days straight with hardly any sleep and still keep the energy moving...." and things like that. But the truth is we all give it our best we all go on little sleep because we stay until the last event is over and we begin early each day. It's a thrill and a rush and I will write another blog later on about convention life and just how much it means to me, I just wanted to take a moment to write and say that now that my Audio Book is out my story isn't finished... I will continue to write in blogs and talk to you guys and tell you all stories or as we like to call them "Josh Stories" and continue on this adventure together.

Thank you all for being in my world and thank you for letting me be part of your world!


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