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Joshua Reid-Davis

Behind The Smile & Broken ? 

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Do you ever miss me? God I miss you

Posted by Joshua Reid-Davis on July 10, 2017 at 10:00 PM

It was raining and I dropped my keys and by the time I found them I was drenched… I text him and said, “I’m soaking wet in your neighborhood and freezing…” He said, “LoL stop by and I will give you dry clothes….” He’s sweet like that.

We always went on adventures together… So many late night adventures. I always knew in the back of my mind that he would be going back to continue college in New York but their was something about him… He brought out a part of me that I had lost so long ago… That’s what I loved about him… He has so much energy the way that I do.

One night we were in his room and he was packing to leave and go back to New York and he found his favorite childhood book. It was so sweet, we laid in his floor and I put my head on his shoulder and he read to me; my God it was so sweet, he didn’t know it at the time but I cried as he read… It was at that moment I knew in my heart that I loved him. He has every quality that I love about myself. After I was raped and serving in the Military I lost part of myself. I lost a huge part. Wine helped me through a lot of things back then. But with him it was different… We weren’t dating yet we did go on what was the most amazing dates of my life… It changed my life forever.

We took long walks around the golf course, random adventures, and one evening in the back of my car it looked just like the scene in Titanic when they made love in the back of the car and her hand went across the steamy glass… We both laid and laughed.

He’s a wonderful friend he has a heart of gold and he will always be in the category of “One of the One’s that got away…”

I love his heart, I love his drive, I love him, I love that he helped bring me to a place of joy in my heart again and find it…. I love him for being HIM….

So back to the night in the pouring rain he came out and saved me with dry clothes and we shared laughs… It was then I knew that we were no longer friends that made out in the backseats of cars, or rolling around the golf course at 3 am…. We were two friends that would always be there for each other…. I must admit I miss our wild adventures. I miss his smile after a kiss, but the beauty of friendship is that you share love in other ways… You live and share this world together and that’s what matters.

Now I don’t want to sound like a crazy person (which for me it isn’t hard to do…) I was looking through my closet tonight and found the hoodie he loaned me and as I smelled it I had flashbacks of playing at PRIDE, our first date, our “I’ll be going back to NY talk so we shouldn’t date, our random adventures at night through the woods,….Again I cried and at that moment all I wanted to do was lay my head on his shoulder and listen to him read me a story.

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